New Bill Would Bring Longer Trucks to Texas18-wheeler-accident

If you thought the trucks that are already on the highways of Texas are too big, think again.

A transportation bill that’s in the House and Senate in Washington DC, is proposing trucks could be even longer, and has provoked a backlash from politicians and safety groups.

Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania is among those who is seeking to stop the bill. Last month he announced the move at a news conference.

“The last thing we need is more length and therefore more accidents,” said Casey told the media.

Casey has called on House Speaker John Boehner to reverse a policy and stop the increase in truck size proposal from passing through the legislature.

Casey and other opponents across the country say the policy would allow 85 feet double tractor-trailer trucks which are also known as “Twin 33s” to become common sights on our highways. As experienced Houston trucking accident lawyers we are well aware of the danger posed by 18 wheelers with blind spots in Texas. The legislation would allow trucks that are 17 feet longer with larger blind spots than current trucks on the road. Current trucks on the road consist of 53-foot single-trailer trucks.

The bill that could become law would change the size of double-trailer trucks on the road nationally.

Current double trailer trucks are also known as “Twin 28”. If the bill became law the “Twin 28” trucks would become 10 feet longer.

An investigation by KPRC TV in Texas has looked closely at the proposal.

A report by the WNEP 16 channel in Pennsylvania spoke to truckers who warned it could make the roads more dangerous for truck drivers and other road users.

“I don’t think they’re safe,” said Brian Hunter who has been a Class A truck driver for 27 years. He spends around 70 hours a week behind the wheel and agrees with Sen. Casey that longer trucks should not be on the road.

“They’re too long and if they get out of control it’s very difficult to get them back under control. I think it’s a safety issue,” Hunter said in the report.

However, some other truck drivers said longer trucks are just as safe and can save companies money.

“It makes it a little more efficient for the company. They basically save a lot of money on hauling costs,” truck driver, Peter Lucci said.

According to Sen. Casey, 11 states already allow the 85 feet double tractor trailers.

The Coalition of Against Bigger Trucks has opposed the change.

“Recent polls show that 76 percent of the public opposes bigger trucks, but Congress is debating this issue right now. Another recent poll found that 95 percent of law enforcement officers surveyed believe heavier and longer trucks would be more dangerous, and 88 percent of truck drivers surveyed believe greater use of longer combination vehicles (LCVs) would negatively impact highway safety,” stated the coalition.

The vote on the transportation bill that would allow longer trucks across the nation could happen in Washington anytime between September 30th and the end of the year.

We are very concerned about this proposal. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident caused by a truck, call our Houston trucking accident attorneys at 713-888-8888 for a free consultation.